OPTION 1: 20 hours worth of training time for $140

(For example, when you do a 2-hour session, you would have 18 hours left of training to use. These do not expire, so you may use them up at your convenience.)

OPTION 2: drop-ins for $20

(Please send a message to littledragonsclub@gmail.com before heading out, to let us know you will be stopping in for a single session as space may be limited.)

Our Program

  • access to court time in a suitable badminton facility
  • guidance and insight from Dan & Khanh
  • lessons planned and drills to maximize performance output
  • a program built specifically according to the level of skills and abilities of the current participants
  • plenty of sparring opportunities with other driven and motivated players
  • lots of sweat and laughs!

The rates also cover the cost of nylon Yonex 350 birdies used while training.



4 thoughts on “Rates

  1. My son is interested in badminton. He is 12 year old. He finished winter club badminton camp last week. He played badminton with Manitoba badminton for couple years.

    Does the program run every week from now on?
    We will probably come to try out for 2 hours before we decide. We will let you know before we will come.


    • Hi Dora, our program will start in September. We’ll post the exact date and sessions soon. Our age restriction (14+) is a soft one, but we do want students to be able to feed drills for others, and there will be a baseline degree of intensity that will be challenging. Come try it out! We’d love to meet you and to see if it we’ll be a good fit.


  2. Hi my 13 year old son is interested in playing badminton. We would like to try the 2 hour drop in first before making future commitments. Is this an option for 2016 and if so what days and times would be available.

    Thx bill


    • Hi Bill. Thanks for your interest in our program. We are currently on a little holiday break, but we will get back into the training shortly. Stay up to date in our FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/56944310188/

      In the meantime, please make sure you review our website to get a good idea of what we have to offer. Your son is a little younger than the preferred age of 14+ that we seek, but exceptions can be made if he is capable of “feeding” birdies and contributing to the training environment with the other participants.


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