Why should I invest time and resources into badminton? Isn’t it just a kids’ game that is played in the backyard?

We are aware that the general population has a low opinion of our sport. It is much, much deeper and exciting than some folks hacking away in the outdoors. We challenge you to browse for some widely available videos of world-class play or better yet, spectate on some live local elite competition, wherever you may be. Being a competitive badminton player demands dedication, discipline, effort, physical fitness and agility, just to name some qualities. Those produce winners, on and off the court.

What would a typical training session consist of?

Generally, a typical training session includes drills for mastering your techniques, game-specific drills to practice strategy, mental training to be your best, and fitness to grow your potential.

My schedule doesn’t allow me to attend the 3 weekly sessions consistently. Can I still join?

The training program allows flexibility for those who simply cannot make it out to all sessions offered. Please click on “rates” for more details. You pay for what you use…

Why do we train with plastic birdies when tournament play is mostly with feather ones?

Simply put, feather birdies are expensive. To keep costs down, we’ll be using nylon birdies (Yonex 350) for much greater value and to keep this program accessible. Feather birdies will have their time and place for some individuals, but that will also come with its associated cost.

I don’t have big badminton ambitions. I just want a good place to play regularly and enjoy the sport with others. Can I still join?

Absolutely, but we do have a main mission of athlete development. The physical fitness training, strategic development and competitive sparring may just be what you are looking for as far as a hobby.

Are you guys really as cool in person as you make yourselves out to be here?

Why don’t you come out and find out for yourself. 😉



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