kmKhanh (Phil) Mai
Badminton Booster

The one thing you should know about me, is that I’m a big proponent of the idea that active living is a major key of living a long and fulfilling life. Whatever gets you out and about, moving, playing and interacting with other members of the community gets a nod from me. I am currently a lead organizer of a popular and successful badminton program for the Manitoba Badminton Association, which aims to provide an accessible and simple way to participate in the sport.

I have earned diplomas in Multimedia Communications at Saint-Boniface College, and Community Development at Red River College. I am employed by the City of Winnipeg in the Community Services Department. I use my skills and the passion that drives me, to reach people and motivate them to get involved and participate for the greater good of all. With the Little Dragons Badminton training program, I intend to make a positive impact on its participants and on a grander scale, the local badminton community. I really believe that the sport has so much to offer on so many levels, and it’s definitely worthwhile to get invested in this particular activity.

As for my playing/coaching experiences, I picked up badminton late in my development (mid 20’s), after I had competed on my college teams in the more recognized sports of basketball and volleyball. The sporting life, in one way or another, has always been essential to me. After watching local elite badminton competitions and having tools available to watch and study world-class play, I became convinced that it would be the sport that would define me. I fell in love with the speed, power, agility and strategy required to perform at an elite level. To me, pretty much qualities demonstrated by a well-rounded competitive athlete. I was hungry. I believed that I could make myself a noteworthy player if I put in the proper time and training. I built myself up to the point that I can consistently make it deep into local tournaments. I now feel comfortable and confident enough that I can pass on lessons learned to whoever is eager and willing to listen and apply.

It’s been a natural progression and evolution. I’ve been able to support players as they make their way to local tournament play. With this program, it will allow me to take the next step. To dig deeper, go further, make a more meaningful impact. I believe that working and pushing each other, we can play quality badminton that will produce some national level play. I intend to set the bar high and we will do what is required to reach those goals. Above all, I am planning to offer a pleasant and supportive training atmosphere that will encourage players to put forth their best efforts.

– – – – –

dsDan Savard
Master Coach

Everything I do seems to have to do with improving performance. Badminton just so happens to be the best sport for this pursuit, which has also been my sport of choice for 14 years. Throughout my badminton career, I’ve competed across Canada for team Manitoba on multiple occasions. Every one of these experiences has taught me useful lessons, with many coaches lending their wisdom along the way.

Complimentary to badminton, I am a future Psychologist with over 6 years of diversified fitness and conditioning experience (including CIS level athletics). This gives me a unique perspective to offer to all students with open minds. I believe in development, neither good nor bad; we spend energy on how or where we wish to develop. In this way, the results we attain are deserved, yet merely another step in our progress.

To the future Little Dragons, my greatest contribution to you will be in teaching you the tools to integrate; to become better badminton players in all ways.



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