Little Dragons Badminton is a training program that was established in July 2015, by two motivated and enthusiastic playing partners who also developed a strong friendship over the years. Our mission is to foster a supportive and engaging training environment in order to not only produce quality players, but more importantly to instill a lifelong appreciation for our beloved sport.

A major point of emphasis of the program is to provide value. We want players to be able to join up so that we may have influence on their development. Having a training facility filled to its capacity creates a more spirited atmosphere, which in turn enables friendly competition between participants. We find that we can offer that experience by charging a fair and affordable rate, that encourages potential players to at least give it a shot and enhance the group dynamics. We train hard, smart, and above all, we have fun in the process. Sessions are overseen and planned by the two coaches/founders.

The only criteria we are imposing is that you must be 14+ years old in order to join the program.

For details about where and when we meet, please visit our Facebook group as that is our communication tool with our players: https://www.facebook.com/groups/56944310188/



With your support, we can lift badminton out of the shadows to take its rightful place among the major sports in Canada. The Little Dragons Badminton training program will do its part to reach that goal.



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